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With the depletion of the ozone layer, the number of skin cancer and other health problems has risen dramatically, and the public is being advised to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. But on any given day, how much exposure is too much, and how much SPF protection is enough?


The credit card sized UV Meter Card has a remarkable UV sensitive strip which changes from white to a shade of purple when exposed to UV radiation for 10 seconds. This is designed to react primarily to the UV-B wavelengths (290-325 nm) which are known to be the rays that cause sunburn and skin damage. Simply compare on the color matching chart to see the corresponding “likelihood of sunburn” warning.  The stronger the radiation, the darker the shade of purple will be. Guidelines printed on the card allow the user to determine the sun-screen SPF level required under the prevailing conditions.   Be aware this is not a high precision instrument and the readings are likely to underestimate the true UV intensity. After exposure the card will change back to its original color within minutes and can be reused hundreds of times.


Great for days at the beach, camping, boating. outdoor sports, and perfect for anyone who works outdoors.  This is an excellent product to promote and market your spa, wellness center, cosmetic line, outdoor clothing, sun screen, etc.


This is a full color durable 30 mil thick plastic card resembling a credit card in size and thickness.  It measures 3 3/8 inch x 2 1/8 inches with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly detection material.  Each card comes in an individual plastic sleeve.


This is not a medical indicator.  Seek proper medical treatment from professionals.


We have a link to this video of UV Dangers:

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