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This is a 5/8 inch circle of temperature sensitive material with strong adhesive backing.  Simply peel off and stick on skin, business cards, student IDs, or any promotional or advertising item.  (Our manager has one on her computer mouse.) There are 475 circles per sheet.

Stress Chips change color as temperature changes.

BLACK = Tense RED = Nervous GREEN = Calm BLUE = Relaxed


Inexpensive and unbreakable, the circles measure a 12 degree range from 79°F to 91°F. Great handout that lasts for years: This is an ideal tool for learning to transfer and generalize relaxation skills to real-life.  Teach yourself to heat your hands up to release a tension headache, avoid a migraine and fall asleep quickly.



Does not contain latex.

This is not a medical indicator.  Seek professional medical treatment from professionals.


How hand temperature relates to stress.  The basic rule for interpreting temperature change is simple, “Warm hands are relaxed, Cold hands are tense.” Under stress muscles tense and blood flow is restricted to the main body and shut down from the hands and feet.

When the body’s fight or flight system is activated the muscles tense, heart rate speeds up and blood flow is redirected from the extremities to the muscles, heart and vital organs. As a result finger temperature can show changes of 5 degrees or more in seconds as you prepare to fight or flee a dangerous situation.  Our bodies perceive everyday stressors (traffic, deadlines, money, etc.) as an emergency flight or fight event.  The amount of temperature change depends on the stressor or problem and how you react to it.


Watch this short video about how to use Stress Circles:



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