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Dr. Tim adapted a small cardboard thermometer and redesigned it for biofeedback use. This simple, reusable glass tube thermometer is an excellent feedback tool that measures the full range of stress with 1°F. changes. Ideal for class or training groups.


To use:  The red bulb is extended below the card backing so you can simply tape or hold the exposed red bulb of the thermometer to your fingertip.  Wait 10 seconds to take your reading.


We have two different versions of this:

ST77  This thermometer has the stress range printed on it.  To check your stress level, match your temperature reading to the stress range scale listed on the right. It will measure the full range of temperature from 60°F to 100°F.

ST60 This is a plain thermometer without the stress range interpretation. The scale reads from 0°F to 120°F. It will measure the full range of stress temperature change from 60°F to 100°F.  We are currently out of stock of this.

Black ink on white board.

Caution: Please note this has a glass tube that is breakable. It is filled with a non-toxic, oil based fluid. Not recommended for young people.



This is not a medical indicator.  Seek professional medical treatment from professionals.


How hand temperature relates to stress.  The basic rule for interpreting temperature change is simple: “Warm hands are relaxed, Cold hands are tense.” Under stress muscles tense and blood flow is restricted to the main body and shut down from the hands and feet.

When the body’s fight or flight system is activated the muscles tense, heart rate speeds up and blood flow is redirected from the extremities to the muscles, heart and vital organs. As a result finger temperature can show changes of 5 degrees or more in seconds as you prepare to fight or flee a dangerous situation.  Our bodies perceive everyday stressors (traffic, deadlines, money, etc.) as an emergency flight or fight event.  The amount of temperature change depends on the stressor or problem and how you react to it.


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ST77, ST60

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