CSS85INST Custom Stress Square/Circle Instruction Card




This is a 14pt heavy cardstock card with a durable glossy UV coating on both sides. It measures 2 inches x 3 ½ inches. The front is our Stress Square/Circle Instruction card, and the back can be anything you like.


Production time is 6-8 business days, depending on quantity ordered and current volume, and does not include delivery time (shipping from us to you).  Larger orders take us little longer.

Production will start the NEXT business day after we have received your order/payment AND final approval on your electronic proof.  PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE WORKING WITH A DEADLINE!


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**Stress Squares/Circles are sold separately**



This is not a medical indicator.  Seek professional medical treatment from professionals.


How hand temperature relates to stress.  The basic rule for interpreting temperature change is simple: “Warm hands are relaxed, Cold hands are tense.” Under stress muscles tense and blood flow is restricted to the main body and shut down from the hands and feet.

When the body’s fight or flight system is activated the muscles tense, heart rate speeds up and blood flow is redirected from the extremities to the muscles, heart and vital organs. As a result finger temperature can show changes of 5 degrees or more in seconds as you prepare to fight or flee a dangerous situation.  Our bodies perceive everyday stressors (traffic, deadlines, money, etc.) as an emergency flight or fight event.  The amount of temperature change depends on the stressor or problem and how you react to it.


Watch this short video on stress cards:

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Weight.05 oz
Dimensions3.5 x 2 x .03 in
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1000, 2500, 5000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000

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